The Lead Capture Page Aka The Squeeze Page

The Lead Capture Page, also referred to as the Squeeze Page is a critical part of the sales funnel. That in turn is essential in the construction of an unlimited online income. It’s one purpose only, that purpose would be to catch a prospect's email along with other particulars ie; name, so as to construct an email list. The potential is presented with two choices only, register or proceed.

so as to catch the prospects email and other information, a potential is provided something for free so as to lure them to register and provide their email and other contact details. In nature that is a bribe. The rationale being that, nowadays not many individuals are ready to give up their email addresses readily since lots of them are getting more than their fair share of spam mail.

This bribe may differ from a eBook / report into a site template, it might also be a free video tutorial or perhaps applications. 1 thing I must stress however, it has to be something of worth. If you send individuals valueless crap in exchange to their contact information, then it says something about youpersonally, in that you’re even more inclined to promote the exact same crap to them after you’ve captured their contact particulars. This is a certain method of neglecting even before you’ve begun to construct a correct infinite revenue on the internet.

Squeeze pages may vary, from very elaborate ones with movies and plenty of images, to very short ones without even a picture on them. The 1 thing in common is their purpose is identical and that’s, for prospects to opt into your listing. Tests have shown that the ideal converting or doing Squeeze Pages have less content onto these. Content will divert the potential from the core purpose of this Squeeze Page, and that’s to have the possibility to select in.

An attention grabbing headline is an absolute requirement because most men and women generally get a wavering attention span when browsing the Web in reality, you’ve only seconds to catch a prospects attention until they’re lost permanently.

It is very important that your Squeeze Page has great Revenue backup, together with bullet points detailing the benefits of the freebie which you’re giving off. The backup shouldn’t be long and comprehensive. As a matter of fact lengthy and comprehensive backup is a decided disadvantage as this gives the potential. Duplicate on a squeeze page must remain brief, compact and strong. This makes sure that the page performs and converges better.

Following the backup that the next area is your Call to Action. You need to let prospects know in no uncertain terms to select in. Leave nothing to chance. Do not automatically think that prospects will take the upcoming logical step and enroll with no prodded in that way.

In my estimation, the Opt-In Box is essential to if a Squeeze Page will convert nicely. The positioning of the Opt-In Box will determine if or not a prospect must scroll so as to see it.In evaluations it’s been shown that an Opt-In Box over the fold moves better. Additionally, it has been discovered in different evaluations that flat, across the webpage Opt-In Boxes possess an edge over the standard ones. Obviously Opt-In Boxes change so much in style it’s impossible to record and chat about all them . The perfect method to learn which sort of Opt-In is acceptable for that Squeeze Page, is via constant testing and tweaking.

I hope that this article has helped to educate you about the purpose of this Squeeze Page.

All of the very best and to your own success.

Kenneth Thomas AL

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