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In this tutorial, you will discover how to establish a self-hosted WordPress site for $0. The one thing you are going to need to cover is the domain name. SKIP INTRO: 0:59

This site is your launchpad for the affiliate marketing company. This is a fundamental get-started guide. Next time I will explain to you how you can add supportive tools to your site to guarantee you get indexed and begin rank for key words whenever possible.

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To start, go to This is where you are going to initiate the launching procedure. Select Launch WordPress beneath the Amazon Web Services (AWS) icon.

During installation, you will want to make an AWS account. The AWS signup page is found here:

AWS signup demands an authentic active telephone number and a charge card. If you produce a server as explained here, you will not be charged anything until a complete year in the future.

Sign into your AWS games console and head to”your username” (top ) – Safety Console – accessibility keys – Create new accessibility essential. Ensure that you store your key someplace you can locate it.

Enter your Access Key and Secret Key from the Bitnami configuration page, and you should be good to proceed.

From the closing Bitnami configuration page, Be Sure to choose:

WordPress with NGINX and SSL. It is going to make it a lot easier to install ssl/https eventually.
Your area of US-West-2 or even US-East-1
T2.Micro example type (the default option, the only one that is FREE to get 12 weeks )

From that point, hit launching and your site will be up right away.

On the next screen be sure to:

Save your username and password created by Bitnami. Your username will be”consumer” and your password is going to be a long random string.
Save .pem and .ppk documents. They will be important should you need to install SSL, restart your server, or create any server-side upgrades.

Today your site will be ready to go at a IP address, thus we must prepare a domain . Proceed to to buy one.

As Soon as You own a domain , point it to a own server by entering”Your Name” (top ) – Quick Links – Manage Domains – Gear at the top of domain – Handle DNS

In handle DNS, upgrade the A/@ recording by simply changing the IP address into the IP address of your own server. Hit save, and your domain name will point to a WordPress server. Just like this, your site installation is complete!

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Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Click Here To Get My Free Training

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