3 Reasons Why why the NoFollow Link Is Still Your Friend

As webmasters we now have a trend of getting overly involved in link juice occasionally, shunning and overlooking nofollow links in favor of dofollow. I'm here to remind one the link is still very far your friend for all these 3 reasons.

Traffic – Duh. Nofollow links may be excellent sources of visitors, frequently more than dofollow hyperlinks are though many individuals don’t believe like that. Any links that you receive from forum posting or website commenting are likely to be more nofollow normally, but these are just two very concentrated and valuable resources of traffic just the same. Bear in mind that a part of the rationale which you use dofollow hyperlinks to start with is to ensure your website will always rank greater and you'll get more traffic via the SERPs.

Organic – Webmasters who only target dofollow links seem to Google to be unnatural. For that reason, it's crucial to have a fantastic number of nofollow links to your website in order to look more natural to search engines so it doesn’t seem like you're accumulating links with the express goal of influencing the SERPs (search engines HATE that ).

Crawling – Let'therefore remember that nofollow links continue to be essential in the sense that search engine spiders nevertheless use them to sniff out the content of your website and get a clearer idea about what your website and particular page is about.

Valuable – Secret bonus rationale number 4! ) Ultimately, don’t feel that simply because we're educated that nofollow links are worth nothing concerning link juice which it's accurate; the concept that nofollow cuts all link juice is not really correct.

The simple fact is as I said in point number 2, SEOers and webmasters have worked a very clear preference for dofollow hyperlinks due to the hyperlink juice facet of those. Given that 's exactly what Google is preaching too and how they despise people manipulating their search results, (which is insecure ) Google might have started putting a larger emphasis on nofollow connections as it's natural given that nobody is trying to exploit nofollow hyperlinks in the way that they’re exploiting dofollow.

The significant point to take from that is that SEO isn’t an specific science; it’ll always be evolving so that you will not ever be able to choose one's term for a certainty, even (or particularly ) in the greatest search engine on earth.

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