Would Forums Exist Otherwise Opportunity Seekers and Freeloaders?

I am writing this report.

I had been participating on a rather well-known forum now and another member began berating one individual for being a chance seeker then started on freeloaders. This left me somewhat angry in the beginning but did make me consider it quite a little more. Then I understood that this specific forum wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for opportunity seekers and freeloaders. After I started creating a list of reasons why this forum wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for opportunity seekers or freeloaders I arrived to the conclusion that I didn’t know of any forums that this didn’t apply to. So I determined this is an article rather than a response in the discussion.

Opportunity seekers:

Individuals trying to find the chance to sell.

1) Each individual that’s a member of a forum using a touch link is a chance seeker. They’re hiring that somebody will notice their signature and click on their connection providing them the chance to create a sale. This is particularly true for the ones that have the biggest, longest, most vibrant signature hyperlinks which can be found on the forum was at in the time because they sell the best to create linkable signatures.

2) You will find opportunity seekers who post on forums searching for the chance to shed a hyperlink for their site in a post.

Folks Searching for a Chance to Purchase a Item.

1) This specific forum includes a sub forum for individuals to market their online advertising info, widgets, programs, ebooks, plugins and anything else they could think of to market. Most forums I have been on have a classifieds section and market advertisements on the discussion making the discussion itself a chance seeker. This unites people searching for the chance to purchase something.

Individuals searching for a chance to talk about knowledge.

1) Those who give out free understanding will be the lowest percentage of the men and women who see forums. Have a look at the bill speed on some forum. In my experience the amount of people, lurkers and query askers dwarf the amount of individuals actually handing out information and data. With that being mentioned on some forums that the only reason a number of those members possess such high post speeds providing the illusion they are giving knowledge freely is since each time they create a post to answer a query they have the chance to create a sale.

2) The men and women that are on a forum seeking the chance to learn. Isn’t that the reason that the majority of men and women visit some forum in the first location? They’ve a question and what better place to discover a free response than a forum on that subject? If not for all these folks searching for a chance to get their question answered most forums wouldn’t have any reason to exist leaving the other kinds of opportunity seekers outside from the cold.


What could a freeloader on a forum be? Someone searching for something would be the answer. An individual would think these will be guests and relatives that never make a post or individuals who can take advice without giving any entrance. My response is because the vast majority of the majority of forums I have noticed are composed of these kinds of individuals then the stats for many forums wouldn’t be enough to acquire advertising revenues thus the forum could die a slow death. Not many forums have been conducted as a labour of love.

My Conclusion is that no forums could exist if it weren’t for opportunity seekers and freeloaders of one kind or another. What do you believe?

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