Utilizing ClickFunnels To Get Real Estate Seller Leads

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Utilizing ClickFunnels To Get Real Estate Seller Leads. Are you seeking to generate more prospects for your property company on the internet?

It’s essential to catch your property prospects and follow up. That is where most men and women fall short when trying to create real estate leads on the internet.

The very best approach to do so is to produce a system. You are going to wish to have the ability to produce pages in which people can submit their data to the solution you provide.

Individuals that wish to market their residence will need a property professional to provide them a quote on what their house is worth!

If you aren’t getting their advice that you won’t have a means to create seller prospects online.

The very best method to do that’s to catch clickfunnels and push visitors to a optin page like this one.

For the Actual estate funnel illustration in this movie use this shared funnel here

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Home Seller Shared Funnel

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Click Here To Try Clickfunnels For 100% Free

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  1. Thank you Stacia. Would this also work for Wholesalers? Is it possible to show properties with ClickFunnels where you see the photos of the home and provide the MLS details>

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