Live Resignation in my 9-5! Thanks Clickfunnels Affiliate Program!

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I am Sooo Sorry!

The Facebook Shutdown yesterday (3/13/19) was ALL MY FAULT!

You see, I stepped out of my job, LIVE on FB on Tuesday night.

Why? Since it had been long overdue and that I ceased being an idiot. I really like the business and the people I worked with, but my job has been actually costing me money!

You see I’d begun Doug Boughton’s way of prospecting and boosting Clickfunnels as an affiliate marketer a month before and told me I had $2700US bare minimum to have the ability to concentrate on this complete time.

As soon as I struck my 30th day boosting CF with a rather part-time attempt, I found myself staring $2715 in commissions gained. $15 bucks over the threshold I’d committed to. Funny how God (the world if this suits you ) works.

I understand now that when I had said 5k or 10k, I’d have been fulfilled at the amount. I guess I am still a part idiot at the least.

I’d made a deal with the world and the world did my part, and that I knew if I did not create great, I would be the beneficiary of some kind of dreadful happenstance, as I was in some junctures in my past.

So I stopped and shared that adventure live on FB, and it was amazing and frightening and pleasant and sacred F**k what exactly did I just do?

The following morning came after a sleepless night and I logged into Facebook to a fairly modest number of notifications, at least comparatively speaking for my final month or so.

As is the law of this world if you devote to something, whatever it is, you nearly always are presented using a test to assess the thickness of your devotion.

It is place in your method to find out whether you’re worthy of their reward on the opposite side. It’s put there to send you running back to comfy or to fortify your resolve.

And in the moment, you have to select.

My evaluation? The whole platform I’d used to make my $2715US within my very first month had screeched to a halt, and that knew if it would go back to performance?

(Perhaps Zuckerburg and God have each other on speed dial?)

The outage lasted all morning, along with my worries and anxieties were climbing, and that I was questioning my choice, wondering when I could somehow telephone my email back resignation.

Then, about midday, I got an email response from my own employer, congratulating me for taking the measure, thanking me for all my work and telling me that I”always had a house there”.


He gave me an out.

On the exact same day when Facebook was giving me an explanation.

In some time in my life once I am really VERY emotionally brittle.


So. . How can I manage my evaluation? Can I return to my own comfort zone?

Can I stand firm in my work???

Could it be of the exact same mediocrity to which I’d become contagious? Or would I pass onto the parachute I had only been offered and keep my own free collapse??

Any guesses as to what I did?

Anyhow, I’ve got a listing of me resigning, dwell on Facebook on Tuesday 3/12. It is long since there are some fairly raw emotional moments for me at the movie.

If you would like to watch it, then I will leave a link in the very first comment and go right ahead and see it if you’re interested, or do not if you are not. I love you either way!

Just be mindful that if you decide to take flight you will be analyzed, and shaken, and enticed to escape.

And you also get to choose what to do.

Me? I will see you in the point at FHL 2020, being congratulated for making my fantasy car. For one non-CFers, this really is Funnel Hacking Live, 2020, the yearly convention held by Clickfunnels, in which they roll out new features and also admit the people who’ve experienced success with all the Clickfunnels products.

I passed this test, and that I shall pass each other test that I’m presented with.

Do not have a strategy B people,’cause all that signifies is you have not fully dedicated to Plan A.

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