Leadpages vs. Clickfunnels (and I'm shifting )

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I do not usually do this kind of movie but that I cancelled my leadpages now (later about 30,000 optins) and’m moving to Clickfunnels… so much, I am impressed with how I could customize templates, also from the fostered conversion prices.

PS. If this video helps and you would like to try ClickFunnels for your self, I would love if you use my affiliate link to register:

I will be honest, it is not ideal, but it does a few things quite well – along with also the Expert Secrets publication was a massive turning point for my own organization, so I am a happy client.


Hey there – I am Derek Murphy. I am a handsome artist that turned into a book cover designer, then began writing young adult scifi and fantasy. I have spent nearly 20 years residing overseas, possess a PhD in comparative literature (revolutionary politics in Paradise Lost), and have been featured in CNN for leasing castles to utilize as writing retreats. Although I am not working with customers anymore, I have assembled a slew of tools to assist indie writers write, layout and publish bestselling novels.

With this station, I discuss writing, publishing and producing personal freedom with unconventional company plans and supplying value. My movies are unpolished and a bit raw, since we traveling full-time and that I concentrate on material, not production quality.

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Click Here To Try Clickfunnels For 100% Free

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  1. Recently I was made aware of multiple unauthorized payments made on my credit card. One of these payments was a year subscription to Leadpages, a service I have never used.

    After contacting Leadpages directly regarding this payment, I was told that since it had been a number of months since the payment was made they would not be able to refund the unauthorized transaction. Instead, the billing department offered to credit me with 2 extra months when renewing my account.

    Why would I want 2 extra months of a service that I never subscribed to in the first place!?

    In the email, they attached a link to how I could get started using Leadpages almost as completely ignoring the fact that I never wanted to sign up for their service.

    I am very disappointed with how Leadpages has handled this situation. While the customer service has been responsive, It seems as though it didn't matter that the payment was made without my knowledge and that I was completely unaware of this subscription. I do not recommend this company!

  2. Hey Derek, I've been looking where to get started in Digital Marketing. I am hoping that you could help to provide me with your expert opinion. In my research, I've recently come across an article that talks about a program called clickfunnels? You can find it here: https://top5reviewshq.com/what-is-clickfunnels/
    My question to you is, do I need leadpages and clickfunnels? Do they work together, I am so confused and I need some direction! Looking forward to your response!

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