Is Selling on Amazon in 2019 Worth ? THE TRUTH REVEALED! (Component 1/2)

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THE TRUTH REVEALED: Why is selling Amazon at 2019 worthwhile? Is Amazon dead? Is it rewarding? Can there be a risk? ) As an effective Amazon vendor, my response may surprise you.


Discover the dangers involved with selling on Amazon in 2019. It genuinely is a more aggressive marketplace today than it was 5 decades ago when I first began selling on Amazon. I’ve sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of private label goods through time, and that I can truly say it is becoming much harder today for many reasons.
1. Competition – you can find many new vendors on Amazon using the specific same merchandise or quite similar versions of the exact same merchandise competing for the purchase box forcing down the prices. Thousands of vendors competing for page one position and prepared to do anything to get there such as giving up all gain.
2. China – the producers have started advertising on FBA. Yes, that is perfect. I set it out there. Nobody is referring to this. The Chinese are figuring out how to record right on Amazon. As opposed to sell for you on Alibaba at which you can purchase at a massive reduction in bulk, they are currently offering those costs to buyers straight on Amazon. Yea. How can a vendor contend with that?
3. Amazon principles – Brand New rules about Brand Registry, Trademarking, etc which makes it far more costly for vendors to begin and also to safeguard their brand. I will touch on this in a different movie.

The majority of people will only inform you about their achievement, perhaps not the setbacks. I’m getting really personal here and discussing with you the way it really is. Allow me to know what you think about the movie. I really don’t wish to frighten you since I have products performing really nicely on Amazon, but you constantly need to be looking for another good product on Amazon and you cannot get married to your own product or brand since you might need to ride the wave as long as possible and jump off.

Leave any questions or comments below and I’ll be delighted to interact with you personally. Thanks!

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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