How to Track Your Earnings Using ClickMagick & ClickFunnels

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– This really is a step-by-step video showing you the way to install tracking and track which ads are generating affiliate revenue for you. There are dozens and dozens of approaches to establish monitoring; this really is the fast and easiest method I have found.

– Just click here to try ClickMagick free for 14 days. ClickMagick is a online advertising monitoring software that will monitor your advertisements in addition to your conversion prices for opt-ins & earnings.

– Click here to see my online advertising challenge. You may use our step-by-step online marketing training videos and make affiliate commissions.

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  1. Thanks for this. Do you know if it's possible to track total order value on Clickfunnels? I've found I can only set the value to the first order, but then I don't track results of any upsells etc.. in the funnel.

  2. This sounds easy and great. My confusion is. Are we supposed to have our raw affiliate link pasted into the primary URL at clickmagick or our ClickFunnels landing page link. Or do I put my raw affiliate link under repeat URL. Just want to be clear. We have taken the time to follow the four percent video's and set them up the way Vick wants. And then we run across videos like this that tell us a different way. I think some of us are afraid we will mess up our originals settings and won't get sales. I remember when computers first became mainstream. Some people were actually afraid to click something for fear of messing the computer up. Not knowing what to do. thanks.

  3. I just started using click funnels and also I have click magick I want to set up sale pixel where do I put it in click funnels I'm using a optin funnel with just a thank page connected to it

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