The way to make an Amazon Seller Account as an International Seller (Professional Merchant Account)


Understand how to make an account on Amazon within an global seller. Step-by-step directions to start a PRO Merchant accounts.
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In this informative article I show you my upgraded step-by-step directions about the best way best to make an Amazon vendor account as an global vendor that doesn’t reside from the USA or is not a citizen of the USA. Please be aware, in this particular video I really don’t produce a free individual vendor accounts. That’s because there aren’t any steps as you do not need to complete any tax details. I wished to make an expert merchant accounts as an global seller which you can see all the steps.


Produce an Amazon seller account:
The 136 nations Amazon accepts:
Exemptions supported by Amazon:
Get Payoneer:

QUESTION: How do I know whether I am qualified create an Amazon vendor account as an global seller?

From the”important links” part I’ve added a URL to the listing of those 136 states that will take registrations from. If you reside in some of these countries then it’s possible to make an account on Amazon within an global seller. It has all significant countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, India and China.

QUESTION: Could I use a non-USA charge card once I make an Amazon vendor account as an global seller?

Yes! You are able to. accept credit cards from leading credit card companies that include:

* Visa
* Mastercard
* American Express
* Discover
* Diners Club

Please be aware however – will just accept chargeable charge cards and debit cards. Prepaid ones won’t be accepted. Including Payoneer cards, which can be a significant upgrade to my previous video I generated on this topic.

QUESTION: Could I use my own regional telephone number once I make an Amazon vendor account as an global seller?

Absolutely. You do not have to acquire a USA number, you may use your personal one. Amazon will inquire if they ought to text or call you. I find that it’s more reliable for Amazon to call you instead of text, therefore I suggest choosing this choice. When Amazon phone you it’ll be an automatic message requesting you to give them a PIN number which they will display on display. Just type this amount in your keypad.

QUESTION: Can I want a bank account in the USA to make an Amazon vendor account as an global seller?

No, you do not! There was a time when Amazon needed this making it hard for non-USA vendors to market on the website. Not anymore. The matter however is that Amazon disbursements are only qualified in certain currencies. By way of instance, Amazon can disburse funds in Rupees however they do not encourage Shekels. I have included a link for the at the”important links” section.

The work-around to this would be to utilize a Payoneer accounts to take the amount in USD, and also then pay you straight into your bank accounts. This technique is encouraged by Amazon. I have included a link for the at the”important links” section.

QUESTION: Can I require a pro-merchant account once I make a Amazon vendor account as an global seller?

No, you do not need to start out a pro-merchant account. The sole reason why I started you in this movie as opposed to a free individual vendor account is since there’s an added measure to make an expert account: Coping with taxation. Establishing a free individual vendor account is the exact same except for this particular measure, and that’s the reason why I opted to make an expert account to show everyone how to take action.

QUESTION: How do I fill out the 1099-K (W-9 kind ) tax type as a non-USA citizen if developing an expert merchant accounts?

The solution is you don’t. As you don’t reside in the USA and are not a USA citizen you won’t be paying income tax on the IRS. You may rather be paying income tax to the regional government. Therefore, you’re qualified to waive this type. American residents will need to fill out this form as at a specific threshold of earnings, Amazon begin to repay a part of their cash on behalf of the IRS.

Alternatively, you’ll have to register the W-8BEN form (as a non-USA tax attorney ) to waive that. I show you just how you can take action in the movie. It’s extremely straightforward. You do not have to send any files in, as will take a digital signature.

Thank you for viewing. If you have got any queries about how to make an account on Amazon as an global vendor, then leave them in the comments section below and I will answer as many as I could!

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