ClickFunnels: How to Embed and Customize a YouTube Video (Utilizing HTML)

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Why don’t you simply paste the movie the simple way? : 0:07

Showing you why You Can’t customize movie the easy way: 1:28

The Way to Put the video utilizing Javascript/HTML: two:15

Customizing video (positioning and size): 3:26

Customizing video (period and autoplay): 5:30

Hey all!

In this movie, I wished to explain to you how you can embed a YouTube video in to your ClickFunnels webpage so you have complete customization options out there for it. If you merely glue the movie in your webpage the easy way simply by entering the URL from the designated area, the only choices you actually have is whether to create the movie autoplay or not. You can not even fix the movie dimensions beyond a certain limit, and even then, it’s a major pain in the butt trying to operate together with the ratios.

In this movie I wished to help you with this and add our own video therefore we’ve got complete control.

So the very first thing we’ll have to do would be to really simply copy and paste the YouTube embed link of whatever movie you need in the custom made JS/HTML part on your ClickFunnels. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to observe the consequences of our changes immediately, and might need to hit’save’ and’preview’ to really see exactly what changes have been made, but much better than nothing!

When you enter the HTML code, then the movie will essentially be wholly accessible to you. But it is going to be rather modest and about the very left side of this row. So we are able to start off by simply registering (I shall replace square mounts for triangle mounts because they’re for some reason allowed on YouTubez! ) ) [center] before the movie embed code. Upon rescuing, this will simply and readily place my movie at the exact midst of this row!

We need to probably adjust the dimensions. I’d advise that you keep the ratios would be you see them , and use a calculator to learn what the specific height to width ratio is indeed your movie remains proportional after your own changes. However, to change the movie size, simply enter the new width and height numbers which you need from the’iframe’ segment, it must be entered for you, and everything you may need to do is play around with the amounts.

Next, if you would like to produce a particular time for the movie to begin playing , that is something that I believe to be priceless, you have to bring the next AFTER your video:’? Begin =xxx’. Substitute the’xxx’ with the number of seconds you want your video to begin playing afterwards, and your movie will instantly skip to this area after you click on’play’ on ClickFunnels!

Last but not least, another significant feature you will probably be using here is your autoplay feature. All you would have to do is simply input the following:’&autoplay=1′ right following your’start’ command. You’re using the ampersand (&) since you want to divide the two commands from one another, then 1 to signify’yes’ to get autoplay.

As soon as you do so, simply click’save’ and preview’, and your movie ought to be all set! The best thing about this is you may always return and edit whatever you want within this movie concerning dimensions, autoplay feature, or begin time, and include some other characteristics you might want to it manually.

That is it!

Please register and stay tuned for future movies where move over the specialized how-to’s or dig deeper to other affiliate marketing tools!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you at another movie!

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