ClickFunnels: How to Insert a Navigation Bar With Page Links (Choice 1)

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Counting the number of links we need to possess: 0:45

Adding the navigation bar: 1:26

Adding names to the menu: 4:10

Creating the menu scroll into the corresponding place: 5:20

Preview: 8:28

What’s the disadvantage with this alternative? : 8:53

***Check out my movie on How Best to add your FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE vertical navigation bars with custom CSS (I give you my code to Just copy and paste) –

Check out my movie on How Best to add your FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE flat navigation bars with custom CSS (I give you my code to Just copy and paste) –

Welcome back! Last article we discussed the way you may set a very cool Clickbank Trust Badge on your ClickFunnels page and customize it according to your choice in order for your site can appear more authentic for your own visitors.

However, I needed to leap gears in this article a little and discuss navigation bars.

So assume you have a super-duper-puper-fuper-chluper long landing page.

Guess you want your clients to feel comfortable in your landing page and also have the ability to browse to any place inside your webpage with a click of a button… You can set up that… together with the navigation bar alternative.

Let us just directly to it!

1) Log in to your ClickFunnels account.

2) Visit your preferred page edit style.

3) Insert a new column cube, while it’s 1, 2, 3, etc.. .

4) Select the’Navigation’ panel, which can be 3rd left out of the base.

Ta-da! You are done!

We are done right?

Absolutely not.

Now we must LINK every one of your menu choices above together with the desirable area you would like the webpage to visit when clicking onto it.

Suppose your initial menu choice says’reviews’, and you also want it to scroll into the’testimonial’ section of your landing page.

5) Visit the specific location you would like the page to scroll right down to upon menu item has been clicked.

6) Click the gear icon at the corresponding segment. So for instance, if I need the page to scroll to the phrase’TESTIMONIALS’, then I’ll click on that section’s gear icon.

7) At the top right corner of the element’s popup window, then copy the’part ID’.

8) Click the gear icon in your navigation panel.

9) On the term which you would like to get clicked so that it scrolls into the’reviews’, PASTE the component ID you’ve just duplicated. If I need the menu phrase’reviews’ to direct to the component of my webpage which has the reviews, I’ll glue that component ID to the part that states’connection URL’.

That’s it. So today, when folks click on the’testimonials’ menu choice you’ve got in the top (or where you’ve set it), it will immediately appear in your testimonials section.

There’s an issue with this process however, which is that in case you own ANY animations on this region of the page that’s being scrolled into, the animations won’t appear if they’re programmed to function as’on scroll’.

That is because in the event that you use the navigation panel such a manner, your webpage isn’t SCROLLED into the region of the webpage, it only immediately jumps there.

To address this problem, I explain the best way to go an alternate route in placing navigation bars within this video.

Here’s the URL to alternative 2:

It’s extremely helpful in case your landing page is quite long and you wish to guide your clients toward particular pieces of your page.

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ClickFunnels is a really straightforward and easy-to-use site builder which may be used by anybody, for anything.

In my next movie, I’ll explain to you how you can bring a different sort of menu near the top of your webpage to prevent the scrolling problem we’ve encountered.

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