ClickFunnels: How to Bring a Facebook Plugin (Comment, Page, Post, etc.) .) To Your Website

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What is the advantage of this comments plugin? : 0:07

The Way to Bring the Facebook remarks plugin in ClickFunnels: 0:42

The Way to Bring any Facebook plugin out ClickFunnels: 3:32

Hey guys!

In this movie, I show you how you can use the Facebook plugin in your own ClickFunnels page. This will essentially enable you to put either your FB remark section, webpage, article, or whatever Facebook associated to your site.

Inside ClickFunnels, you may just set the Facebook opinions plugin, which enables individuals who comment on your own landing page to really discuss the article with their friends on Facebook. The URL that you set into the place here is going to be the URL which individuals will soon be redirected to upon clicking onto the shared article, which means you should probably put your landing page URL here. The customization choices for this approach are restricted, and you’re left with a remarks plugin which spans the entire width of this component with no capacity to alter it.

So the alternative path to setting the Facebook plugin for your ClickFunnels website is using the next Facebook website:

During this, you can post not just the Facebook comments plugin, but in addition a link to your Facebook webpage, specific comment that you need to discuss, or some fundamental share/like elements.

When you choose what exact purpose you’re trying to accomplish, just copy and paste the code provided into the Javascript/HTML section within ClickFunnels. With this website, you’ll have the ability to adjust the width of this plugin too, therefore it gives you a bit more variety.

The thing that I found cool though has been the ability to talk about your own FB page on your website, so people may realize your company is valid, in addition to showing the amount of likes and action on your own page. Visitors may also have the capacity to immediately message you on this Facebook page in the event that you so choose, simply making that choice far more accessible and easier for them. Consistently making things simpler for the clients!

That is it!

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  1. Hi Buddy, ive subscribed to your channel I just wondered if you knew how to force embeded iframe? We have put a click funnel page onto our website, however when you click the buttons on the iframe page it then opens the page within the iframe. Example if you click on one of our products and then scroll up you will see that its opened a page within a page. Im sure there is a way round this but I just cant find the answer. Any ideas?

  2. Love your channel! Question: I have this set up on my "thank you" funnel page, but when I reply back to their comment and then the commenter gets a 'notification', they click it on Fbk and are redirected to the landing page (rather than the page they commented on). Do you know if there's any way to set it up so the notification takes them back to where the comment was left? Super-techy question, but it seems like you know coding, so you may know of an easy fix! Thanks for your videos – they are really helpful!

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