Clickfunnels and ActiveCampaign Tutorial for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

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In this video I will show you step by step how to set up an wonderful Affiliate Marketing tool utilizing Clickfunnels and ActiveCampaign. The two Clickfunnels and ActiveCampaign include a free 14 day trial so that you may watch this comprehensive movie, place it into practise and cancel both balances inside 14 days if you do not enjoy it.

In this tutorial I will explain to you how you can acquire a Clickfunnels accounts, import a pre made bridge funnel which will let you acquire a traffic email address before you send them to the affiliate product you promote. And at the illustration of the video I will encourage an Affiliate Marketing class from Spencer Mecham. He’s got an awesome course that can help out any start Affiliate Marketer so that’s the reason why I market it with confidence.

Spencer also considers in his program. That’s exactly why he’ll provide you some wonderful recourses. As an example, the bridge page, and also a pre made email arrangement which you may import into Energetic Campaign.

When you place everything to practise you may import a bridge page to the Affiliate Marketing class from spencer, capture email addresses utilizing Clickfunnels and Lively effort, send automatic emails that are made by Spencer and divert folks to a own funnel by providing precious videos to Youtube. That’s the way I do things and it works excellent!

Here’s a summary with all the timestamps:
00:00:10 Summary of this Tutorial
00:01:31 Get Clickfunnels
00:03:10 Downgrade the Clickfunnels Trial
00:05:01 Get A Free Domain Name
00:08:12 Rename your Subdomain
00:08:59 And summary of Funnels
00:10:14 Get a Chat Funnel
00:10:57 Publish your discuss funnel to your domain name
00:11:36 Boost your permalinks
00:12:58 Edit your Funnels
00:16:50 Change info in your webpage
00:18:33 Configure your Popup
00:18:56 Establish the Mobile Page
00:21:41 Edit the Second Page
00:24:52 Assess who purchased the path during your Affiliate Link
00:29:24 Change the hyperlinks on your funnel
00:33:11 Get Your Free Energetic Campaign Trial
00:39:40 Integrate Active Campaign With Clickfunnels
00:50:39 Produce A Member Area In Clickfunnels
00:57:27 Create Sections and Chapter is the Member Area
01:17:30 Deliver the bonus place to individuals who purchase the merchandise

Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Click Here To Get My Free Training

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