Can You Earn Money From Solo Advertising?

Once I started marketing online in 2006, I hadn’t ever heard of solo advertisements. Perhaps they did exist however they weren’t said to me personally as a method of generating prospects.

Fast forward to 4 decades back and I heard something about them from Daegan Smith. He was enthused about them he believed that they were the finest things as 'chopped bread'.

Solo advertising may be a simple way to get traffic to your website, which then should create lots of prospects. I’ve made earnings from them and will continue to run solo advertising campaigns based on the characteristic of the listing and also the standing of the list operator.

The benefits of solo advertisements is it is fast and easy – no techie abilities required. The drawback is that some record owners are far less than reliable, so avoid them at any cost.

it’s also wise to prevent lists comprised of individuals who reside in third world nations including India and Bangladesh.

What’s a Solo Ad? )

Basically you’re leasing a listing from the person who owns the listing. The list operator will bill you on a price per click basis that will normally run from 30 cents to $ 1. 50 a click. You just buy the necessary amount of clicks and the proprietor will send your advertisement in email form to your own record.

There are thousands of lists but you can narrow it down to lists which are market specific, like in the affiliate marketing, generate income distance.

In short:

1. ) A solo advertisement occurs when a list owner sends a promotional email to their listing on your deal

2. You buy clicks (traffic ) in the listing owner – that can send your offer to his record before your click arrangement was fulfilled

3. Your primary purpose is to own as a number of the clicks convert into a pick in (direct )

Anatomy of a Successful Solo Ad Campaign

Normally I don’t spend a whole lot on a single effort at least till I get a fantastic outcome. However, in 2013 I had been recommended to utilize a specific solo advertising supplier, so that I invested 2,000 for two,000 clicks $ 1 per click. After two weeks I assessed the commissions and they had been 220! Depressing to say the very least. But, I kept sending my thoughts my routine mails – drip, drip, drip.

And after 6 months the figure was 1,220. Even better, but still not break even, let alone showing a gain. However only a month after the contracts had jumped to $ 4,220. All of a sudden I’d more than doubled my money!

What can u find out from that mini case background?

  • Be patient – sometimes it takes some time for prospects to purchase
  • Keep nurturing your prospects with daily mails
  • Concentrate on ROI (return on investment) consistently
  • To create these campaigns function you have to have large ticket goods in your sales funnel – otherwise you'll likely make NEVER earn money out of a paid advertisement campaign.

However, Most Solo Ad Campaigns DO NOT Have a Happy End

Following the fantastic news narrative illustrated previously, the truth is that almost all efforts fail dismally. There are good reasons for this such as inferior excellent visitors (or clicks) being marketed by the seller, in addition to the incompetence of the majority of marketers.

Put these two negative components together and you’ve got a recipe for failure. Is at any wonder that the great majority of marketers eliminate money with solo advertising traffic?

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