Could Social Media Networking Be Antidote for Loneliness or Is It an Escape From Aloneness?

The distinction between the 2 phrases Loneliness and Aloneness is fantastic and have been created more known to us with some modern day offenders, not Master networkers thoughts you.

It’s stated that Loneliness is that the lack of another as much as we’d like another to be there, however s / he isn’t. In their lack is that the”missing” and the wound is exposed. With loneliness, we’re not loving ourselvesin fact we’re overlooking another terribly and what’s more sense much worse than we could if we just knew the happiness of aloneness.

On the flip side with Aloneness, we’re enjoying being lonely and are really relishing this condition so it’s an entirely different, nearly diametrically opposed state, if we can call it . With Aloneness, there’s a wonder and with Loneliness there’s definite grief, even angst rather than an angst where there could ever be a favorable departure.

In case Social Media Networking provides people new hope to reach out and also to really connect , then it should absolutely be a supply permanently. If however, it’s a motive to hide out not just from others but out of ourselves then it’s a pernicious habit. It can be and we need to certainly use it sensibly. It’s all up to us.

What’s in our power in regards to the way we would like to interact with other individuals. In this age of mass data we must discriminate wisely.

What say you?


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